New Year, New Studio!


First and foremost, all of us at Dancefx would like to thank you for your patience while we spent the past 8 months searching for a new space… a new space that we can call our dance home.

It has been a quite a bumpy ride, and I’m not talking about the multiple U-Haul trips downtown to and from the storage unit. During our “break”, we’ve endured move-out day in the blazing summer heat, the rain and floods of Hurricane Irma during construction, and a surprise snow storm right before grand re-opening. 

Let’s recap.



Move-out day was bittersweet. We gathered a crew to help pack up and clean up the studio on East Bay. Many of our dancers teamed up to play Tetris, figuring out the best way to fit all of the items into the studio into the back of the U-Haul. 

We found a bunch of random items collected over the years, tons of tools, and a bizarre number of brooms in the storage closet. Some of us received minor battle scars from moving mirrors. (They’re alot heavier than they look!) Having these giant mirrors shatter on us was a terrifying thought, but we managed to get them into the storage unit safely!


While we cherish all the memories from 480 East Bay St, we are super excited to create new ones at 700 King Street! We’re excited to join our neighbors, Coastal Climbing Gym, Pancito & Lefty, Leon’s Oyster Shop, Little Jacks, and upcoming Graft wine bar.



After spending the holidays with our family and friends, we were ready to get right back into work mode. We began bright and early, emptying the storage unit, laying down flooring, and organizing all of our items into its new home. We had professionals transport and install the mirrors (no battle scars this time!) and we were ready to rock with classes! We greatly appreciate all the help with move-in day, especially from our Dancefx Athens friends who were in town for New Year’s. After laying down the marley, hooking up the speakers, and adding our finishing touches, we inaugurated the space with Dua Lipa’s “New Rules” — how fitting for a new beginning for Dancefx Charleston.

We're thrilled to have you all join us in our new home!